Mentorship request:
Mentor needed to scale innovative furniture design and e-commerce company


Tǽillὸ is a Nigerian furniture and lifestyle brand whose aim is to be an alternative to furniture import in Africa by making premium Locally crafted furniture easily accessible through a shop in bed Selling platform. Eliminating the vigorous process of buying furniture using both E-commerce and extended reality as a medium of experience as against the brick and mortar method of operating a Furniture Business.

Problems we currently face are creation of product standards, scalable standard operating procedures that are profitable in an market, how to approach new markets as well as growing lean as a start up grows without being tempted to carry as much overweight.


Issues I will like to work on with my mentor are:
1.How to create scale-able standard operating procedures that are profitable in any market.

2. How to manufacture and distribute your product in any market

3. Understanding concepts of lean manufacturing

Asked on March 18, 2019

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