Mentorship request:
Mentor Needed for Social Content App and Personal Development of Co-Founder

Peerzux is a Social Application that solves the problem of reach for Fanpage Owners on Facebook. There are over 42Million Fanpages and each and every one of them needs help with reaching more of their fans without having to spend more on Advertising and without going against the Facebook Policies. We’ve solved this.

Also, I need a mentor who’s a serial entrepreneur and/or has built, scaled and sold a start-up previously and/or one who understands the Start-up world, Venture Capital Ecosystem and Business Law. Someone I can learn from not just for this project but in the Long term going forward.

Also, I’m looking for an all-round business mentor to help us get ready to fundraise.

Asked on March 24, 2015

Accepted Mentors:

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