Mentorship request:
Mentor need for Expansion and launching our digital model


Having recorded a level of success operating offline, we are becoming a full on Agro-tech company and need a lot of re-structuring and resources to pull our massive vision to being a reality. As a female founder navigating through the Agro industry has been a hassle and now seeking funding to build our digital infrastructure and engage as well as take 0.5% of the Nigerian Agribusiness space gets me excited but won’t be a small feat. We believe we are unto something great, and big and hence we need all the aid we can get.


We are looking for mentors who have experience in tech and the Agro-industry, but more importantly in fundraising, investing, and corporate finance. We have a roadmap with clear KPIs and milestones but would also need critical external analysis and different perspectives to enable us to build and launch a holistic product with an efficient distribution strategy enabling us to attain product-market fit.

Asked on November 1, 2021

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