Mentorship request:
Mdada for Girls is seeking a Mentor

Mdada for Girls is a social enterprise, giving women the opportunity to buy clothing AND see the impact they have in a girl’s life in Africa. For every item purchased, we pay school fees for a girl in Africa. Our customers also get to receive updates from the specific girl they supported for a certain period of time. How would it feel to receive a thank you note or a report card from a girl who would have otherwise not been in school?

We believe that the same way the fashion business is driven by women, it can be the same tool used to empower women and girls in Africa. Social impact doesn’t have to be something we do when we’re reminded to, it can seamlessly be a part of our very existence. We’re currently running a pre-order campaign of our T-shirt line on our website

We’re seeking a mentor with experience in any or a combination of these fields. Fashion/Social enterprise/Business development/ Marketing

Asked on October 7, 2014

Accepted Mentors:

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