Mentorship - Matched requests

Entrepreneurs with a registered venture profile on VC4A have the ability to submit a request for mentorship support. Once these requests are screened and posted it’s up to one of the VC4A mentors to step forward and to see what can be done to assist.

Find below an overview of entrepreneurs on VC4A who are looking for support from a mentor. Click on the title to get more information.

Profile photo of sarah abdelsalam

Seeking Marketing & Financial mentoring support

it would be highly appreciated if you can connect us with some with high experience in the marketing field especially in e-commerce (Digital marketing, marketing Activities) who can help us learn more to widen our customer base as well as …

August 25, 2020

Brandloca    E-commerce    Egypt

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Growth Hack! Moving to the next level!

Review with our mentor our current level, how to push it and continue growing without putting a lot of risk due to cash flow constrains, pandemic And economic impact fears while putting the needed resources into place.

August 18, 2020

Little Blessings    E-commerce    Egypt