Mentorship request:
Seeking Marketing & Financial mentoring support


we are a multi vendor platform we have a problem of showing all the brands on the platform giving them same exposure to be able to identify the best sellers and the highest demands which lead to some problems affected the operations process like not selling for some brands made them feel that Brandloca is not of added value so they stopped updating their stores which lead to failure in fulfilling some orders. Also not showing all brands left us in dark vision where we cant define which brand is a best seller in which season which affected our sales.
in the past couple of months we have been trying to create more of albums of different brands rather than showing each brand on its own, this worked in a good way and it was reflected to the number of inquiries & no. orders.
we are a little lost in tracking all our financial data as we can not find yet the best tool to use to be able to do so.


it would be highly appreciated if you can connect us with some with high experience in the marketing field especially in e-commerce (Digital marketing, marketing Activities) who can help us learn more to widen our customer base as well as increasing the customer retention rate.

also being introduced to some one with experience in the financial plans and tools would be of great help.

Asked on August 6, 2020

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