Mentorship request:
Looking out for a mentors with expertise in business strategies and fundraising for an alternative lending startup


As a solo non-technical founder, I could get weighed down easily while working on Loanith, Inc. It has also been difficult building the product – an alternative lending app providing instant and revolving credit for consumers -both in terms of development and funding.

I have been bootstrapping alone for the past 12 months and onboarded a software Engineer as a first employee to build our MVP which we launched on Google Playstore ( in March 2021.

However, our runway is not limited and there’s urgent need to raise outside capital to build faster, penetrate the market, and scale quickly.


I’m looking out for mentors I could share my ideas and challenges with and get strong criticism and feedback for growth. I’m hoping to leverage the mentors directions, contacts and networks to help us build faster, achieve our ongoing preseed fundraising campaign ($300k), and grow faster.

Asked on April 24, 2021

Accepted Mentors:

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