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Looking for mentors in agritech


Kitovu aggregates soil and market demand data. The soil data helps us to custom blend soil and crop specific fertilizers which we deliver to farmers alongside certified seeds. While the market demand data helps us tell farmers what to grow to guarantee offtake. As channel, we are looking to use an agent network of youths.

We are working to scale our operations from one state in Nigeria to six states in Nigeria, with focus on farmers in the grain and cassava value. But we have a lot of challenges.

First, we have insufficient capital to fund upfront blending of custom fertilizers as required by our partners. We also need funds to purchase commodities upfront from farmers to supply possible offtakers who often have a long cash cycle. We also need to build our network of young people, who we need to train.

To address this, we need to raise funds, onboard new commodity buyers and build a network of young people who we would train in extension, soil management and demand aggregation.


We are looking for mentors with extensive supply chain experience and access to a network of possible commodity buyers as we navigate this next steps.

We would also appreciate mentors who have played in the agritech platform space, and who can help us navigate possible minefields as well as review our offerings.

We are also looking for mentors who could connect us to potential investors for our first seed round.

Asked on May 8, 2018

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