Mentorship request:
Looking for mentor to support operations and product development support for online tutor platform


In Zambia finding a tutor is a difficult, tedious and complicated process. While there are many tuition centres catering to high school pupils, there is hardly any structured way to find a tutor. Tutor Tavern was created to make this process easy, quick and seamless by building an innovative online marketplace where students can book a tutor of their choice with no hassle at all. In doing so, we help students pass their exams and provide a platform for tutors to make an income by connecting them to their clients.


One of the biggest challenges in my founder journey has been the development of a ‘sell-able’ product. I know the theories surrounding product-market fit and that I need to sell a product people need. I need help in creating this kind of product. And when my product already is this kind of product, how to make sure it reaches the right audience. Other than product development I need mentorship in team identification, planning and growth. I’m looking for someone who doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear but will also be there to help me stay standing when I feel inadequate.

Asked on February 5, 2020

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