Mentorship request:
Agritech startup looking for guidance in pivoting from product-market fit and early revenue to acceleration


  1. Having achieved product-market fit, early revenue, and raising seed round, scaling is proving difficult. Can you help de-mystify our growth?
  2. Part of the limiting factors to our growth as a private advisory service provider (e-Extension) to farmers, is inadequate buy-in by farm organizations and government institution. We believe that these buy-ins would encourage more farmers to subscribe to our advisory service sustainably. How can we unlock this challenge?


We are seeking a mentor,

  1. with knowledge of the government-to-business model, how government institutions are structured and how to identify key personnel in government;
  2. to guide us on how to further simplify the messaging of our value proposition
  3. to guide us in developing a financial model for our business
  4. with advice on whether we should patent our technology. If yes, how? If no, why not?

Asked on March 18, 2020

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