Mentorship request:
Looking for Experienced High-Tech Start-Up Mentor with Global Experience


As LeadRobot has proved product-market fit, and has shown exceptional growth, its now time to build out our team and look towards larger expansionary opportunities. We turned down a seed raise, opting to bootstrap on the back on strong recurring product revenue. The next few months will see us needing to build policies and processes in order to grow a successful team. We may in the future look towards a series A, or other funding options. The biggest challenge ahead of us is building a V2 of the software that will sety the stage for a global saas play.


We’re looking for an experienced high-tech start-up mentor, preferably with global or high level experience. Preferably someone that has themselves walked the founder’s path successfully. Expertise in technology and marketing, especially at their intersection is useful

Asked on February 10, 2020

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