Mentorship request:
Looking for experienced founder and mentor interested in the Entertainment Industry


– Developing a concrete pricing model and strategy that works for Nigeria and other African countries
– Hiring: Tips on getting experienced and passionate people to work with that don’t need too much hand-holding.
– Adviser: Bouncing ideas about where to spend money, what to focus on and what technologies to use


Ideally, I am looking for someone who has experience in the African startup ecosystem to learn about hiring and what to spend money and skills on.

I imagine I have the skills or know where to look for information to build anything. However, I am hardly good in the Business and marketing side.

So, I am looking to set up a ~30min conversation on a monthly basis to share ideas and just chat about my progress and get your opinion.

I know I can’t offer much but if you were looking for connections to the Business world in China, I can help with that. Also, I do Blockchain so if you are interested in that, we can chat about that all day.

Asked on March 28, 2018

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