Mentorship request:
Looking for an experienced Mentor to guide us on our first fundraising process.


It is hard work trying to get funded locally through regular bank system in our country, it was true before the pandemic covid-19, Now it is more difficult. Unique way now is using financial platform like VC4A. For our first time, we need to be guided. By ourselves we have contacted more than 60 business angels, venture capitals and Private Equity Firms in USA, Europe and Africa, No success. It seems that we have to attend Accelerator programs or other costly training programs. We want to take advantage of the VC4A free mentorship program. That’s it.


We are looking for support from an experienced mentor to help us prepare for our first outside funding. This includes:

  • To prepare our operation in the best conditions: deck, plane business, dataroom,
  • To know the different strategies of the investors: business angels, fund, family offices,
  • To succeed our pitch convincing in 10 minutes
  • To achieve a clear and synthetic presentation of our startup: our solution, the opportunity of market, your positionning/strategy, the economic model and our ambitions
  • To construct our financial projections while identifying the good tools and the hypotheses keys of our model.
    To mark the minds thanks to a strong Story Telling!

Asked on February 5, 2021

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