Mentorship request:
Looking for an experience founder and mentor interested in the agricultural industry.


I am a young entrepreneur with the vision of establishing a mixed farming agriculture on a 100 hectare of land which is to be acquired from my state government.

The plan is to grow oil palm and process the fruit into red palm oil and vegetable oil on the long run, grow some stable crops like maize and cassava, and mixed with animal husbandry such as catfish, cattle, sheep and goat, rabbit, grass cutters etc.

The project is capital intensive and as a young startup, i need an adequate and sufficient funding to achieve the visioned.


I need a mentor to help me in my company setup and fund raising process.

I need a mentor to create a business plan and to implement my plan as soon as funding is achieved.

I need an expertise advise and guide to
1. Help to create and review my business plan.
2. Help in the Financial Projection & Forecasting
3. Company structure and strategy
4. Fund raising
5. Turn my idea and vision into reality and attract needed funding.

Asked on April 19, 2018

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