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Looking for a Mentor with Experience in E-commerce

I am looking for a mentor who could guide me in the e-commerce industry especially in relation to online marketing and hiring staff who can handle social media marketing. the other thing is understanding online interaction with customers and their buying process. One of the challenges i am facing is trying to get my target market to interact with the service via social media platforms.But im not sure if its our content thats not appealing enough. or the device our clients are using that dont allow for that sort of discourse. The other challenge is in understanding the buying process of our tech savy as well as non tech savy customers and how i could go about determining that. Additional challenges include the lack of negotiating skills and understanding of capacity building from an e-commerce perspective as well as logistical and financial perspective given the nature of my business. I would be most grateful if i could find a mentor who could guide me on the above.

Asked on July 18, 2016

Accepted Mentors:

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