Mentorship request:
Looking for a mentor to help scale a promising Agtech business to feed the next billion.


Africa’s population would double by 2050 with an estimated additional 1.3 billion people. Currently food shortages and hunger kills 10 people every minute, 6 of which are children.

We have created solutions to reduce food shortages including crowdsourced finance for farmers, access to market (through e-commerce), productivity applications, special processing equipment (to reduce food wastage) and budget solar irrigation system (to ensure farmers can farm round the year and increase productivity by up to 200%).

Some of our solutions are in the prototype phase and we need direction on the right, profitable ones to engage on right now. The crowdsourced finance solution has increased our debt exposure especially on the grounds of non-insurable risks like farm invasions by by herdsmen, and we are looking for ideas to reduce both our risk and debt exposure. And we also need direction to help us scale our operations.


We need mentorship on growth hacking, improved access to market & finance.

Asked on March 29, 2019

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