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PROBLEM:The Western Region of Uganda has potential for producing large volumes of high quality honey. Several honey value chain studies in the region show that honey and other bee products have a ready market at local, national and regional level. The local market for table honey is significant, and demand outstrips supply with lots of honey produced is taken by many traders who come from Kampala and Kenya to trade. Trade opportunities for other bee products are also growing.
However, there are a multiplicity of constraints such as decline of the bee population, low adoptioption by farmers, environmental degradation, inadequate skills/best practices in the production of high yields of good honey , inadequate access to good quality inputs, poor entrepreneurship skills among producers, inadequate capital for processors and packers to invest in the sector, limited capacity of the producers to understand markets, lack of honey collecting centres, poor market linkages.


I need a mentor to assist our early stage venture with marketing strategy, planning and finance

Asked on November 14, 2017

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