Mentorship request:
Kenyan financial technology solutions startup looking for mentor to support next phase of business growth


Wayawaya has built what we describe as a disruptive financial solutions platform, combining bank, credit cards, mobile wallet, savings and more – available in the market through Apps, Social platforms, instant messengers and APIs accessible across several countries. We have already connected to banks, mobile wallets, card networks and have completed the initial regulatory requirements .

We have already signed partnerships with a bank and large corporate client/partners with at least $15m > in revenues annually but we are unable to efficiently serve both our client/partner setups and allow our individual users to transact limitlessly without a bootstrapped a customer relations team, an accessible office location and a marketing budget to reach out to more users. I believe attracting initial Investment or a strategic partnership will help us solve the problem of scaling and increasing our market share.


We would like to be connected to a mentor who can guide us to refine our communications to potential investors, guidance on packaging our solution as an investable company and also link us to investment networks that could have more value addition than just the cash investment.

Asked on March 26, 2019

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