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Over the last 2 years data from M&E report has shown that certain aspects of our social interventions have worked while others have failed to achieve the expected impact. In order to address the gaps, two things must happen:
1. There is a need to deploy mobile technology in our rural programs in order to realize value chain efficiencies.

2. There is also a need to reach a wider global network of practitioners in related fields (grant-making, evaluation, strategy) in order to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing.
Both point 1 & 2 above require new ways of thinking and approach to complex problem-solving. This can only happen when richer perspectives with varying multicultural undertones are brought into our talent pool.
Rural Heights Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered in Ghana with registration number CG194522015 under Companies Act 1963 (Act 179), as amended in 2012 (Act 835).


We are looking for non-executive directors (pro bono) to join our nonprofit board. Skillsets required are technology (mobile apps), strategy, global markets development and grants acquisition. Experience in the nonprofit space is a plus, but not necessary.

At Rural Heights Foundation our guiding principle is continual learning through development and application of knowledge. Developing a culturally diverse talent pool at the top is at the core of our sustainability strategy.

Asked on June 22, 2017

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