Mentorship request:
InterAct Labs: Egyptian startup develops hardware+software products, needs mentorship from an expert in hardware product distribution


Interact develop hardware and software products,
TACT a kit that includes infrared detector and electronic pen that transforms any monitor into an interactive surface,
Have sold around 400 units through direct sales, and through small distributors, to Schools, NGOs and Corporates.

While in order to scale with our business, its a distribution game, that will enable us to serve different geographical areas and offer sales and after sales services as maintenance, installation and training,
And to figure out the best model for the distribution plan, we started to learn, and deal with different small distributors.


What we need:
1- Mentorship from an expert with strong knowledge in the hardware distribution who can guide us to build a rigid and scale-able distribution model fits our commercialization plan.
2- Raising fund that enable us to execute our commercialization plan, from an investor who understand the challenges that faces hardware startups.

Asked on September 3, 2019

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