Mentorship request:
Industry expert, business development – the On-demand ordering and delivery ecommerce platform


Ecommerce in Africa is focused much on the business to consumers (B2C) and leaving out the business to business (B2B). Combining the eCommerce and logistics of FMCG for the informal retail requires industry expertise, technical support and funding for efficient on-demand ordering and delivery of goods and services. Being a startup there are a lot of things that we don’t know and we need knowledge and technical expertise and to overcome this, I have attended the Bongo Hive Discover program, read articles about B2B in Africa, watched YouTube channels of startups already in the industry. Embracing technology and knowledge in this industry is feasible to make us succeed in this journey.


Orderbetta is looking for a mentor who has working experience in on-demand delivery, knowledge of the FMCG distribution industry and technical expertise in developing user-friendly eCommerce platform for the target clientele. Orderbetta has an advantage of having a person with Accounting and finance background and can take advantage to strengthen and enhance financial management and record keeping. The mentor should be able to provide guidance, technical know-how and advise on the possible strategies to grow our start up business. We would love a mentor who will take keen interest and love the concept behind our start up business.

Asked on February 7, 2020

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