Mentorship request:
In need of mentors for an innovative platform that will help SME’s grow in Africa


Africa is experiencing rapid growth of young educated people. However, not enough jobs have been created to accommodate this expansion. The International Labor Organization estimates that 60% of unemployed people in Africa are young people (15-24). 1 In 2013, some of the highest rates on the continent were in South Africa where 51% of females and 43% of males are unemployed. Nigeria holds the second largest number of unemployed persons on the continent.2 The IMF, World Bank, and OECD have all released research that points to SME development as an effective way to address youth unemployment. However, the success of these enterprises is often hampered by a lack of knowledge, skills and resources to support them.3


We are looking for individuals who can help provide strategic business introductions in order to grow OnCast into the powerhouse it can be.

Asked on March 7, 2017

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