Mentorship request:
HR Tech Company seeking business mentor and coach


As an HR Tech Company Disrupting and Solving real-life problems in Nigeria, other West African, African, and Global countries that we can plug and play or tech product, we are aiming at using our Business Model to SOLVE Unemployment and Poverty problems.

We need mentorship on scaling and Implementation, We have a robust business model that needs guidance on implementation so as not to overcrowd our operations so it wouldn’t affect the effectiveness of our services.

On Scaling; Though we have our visions and projections, we feel we still need mentorship on when to move, where to move, which countries across Africa need our product first and so on. Which service to Implement first and what should follow next.


We are in need of a mentor who understands the dynamics of the African Market as an African Founder, Mentor, and Entrepreneur who can feed us with more business education. We need a business developer and strategist to help, support, and develop our business scope, possible partnerships, and futuristic product developments and strategy across the African market and beyond.

Asked on May 4, 2021

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