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DentaCarts: how to increase customer lifetime value LTV in B2B e-Commerce?


As a professional B2B marketplace that serves dental clinics to buy their monthly supplies, we are facing the challenge of keeping our customers buying their supplies on monthly basis, and at the same time, we have the challenge to increase our customers’ basket size.
We are tracking our metrics on weekly basis, we have one metric that matter which is the total sales, then we have some drivers that generate the sales like # of new registration, # total active customers/ month, # new active customers/ month, # returned customers/ month, and the average basket size $$.
We track the percentage of returned customers on a monthly basis. It varies up and down between 40% to 65%.
We have tried several techniques, (1) like monthly outbound call campaign to inactive customers, (2) to assign sales team to specific areas (a new practice) (3) we are working on developing a loyalty program (not completed yet).


We are looking for an expert/s in the B2B e-commerce domain (in the medical domain is a bonus). Who has a practical background on customer acquisition, loyalty programs, and growth hacking techniques specifically in the B2B domain.
We want to know; How to increase our customers’ retention? What makes customers loyal to our Brand? How to increase customer basket size? How to build an efficient loyalty program?

Asked on August 26, 2019

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