Mentorship request:
Help us to approach gov & security companies with Africa’s 911 solution


We have an excellent emergency reporting/monitoring solution that we are ready to launch in Kenya. As with many African countries, there is no valid, cohesive, working emergency reporting system in place for citizens.

In some areas, different agencies have a cell number assigned as the emergency reporting number which is very inefficient at best. Even if one knows that number, there is no guarantee that a report can be filed anytime.

In the event the emergency situation needs more than 1 responder, there is no central place to send reports to, that will ensure all the needed responders are notified and provide a unified response.

We have presented to 2 security firms – they hesitate because it does not allow them to charge a lot to their customers for the service.

We have also presented to a division of the transportation, and, armed forces departments – they see the value and need, however, was not convinced we can handle the scale. Plus the bureaucracy is overwhelming.


We have need for advice and any other help necessary to ascertain the best sales approach, and create an appealing Pitch Deck for both sectors.

We help to ensure we create the best pricing models/approach for both target markets.

Need adequate legal and financial support to secure our IP components contained. Also, to acquire the best talents to fill the current gaps in order to clean up the solution and prepare to handle customization and support.

We have had 2 pre-launch events and everyone in attendance wanted to download the app immediately, they all saw it as critically needed. The means to report road accidents, robberies, flooding, fires, terror attacks – at your fingertips – is a must.

Once we have the responders signed up, we will release the mobile app for the general public to sign up giving them access to report any emergency situation.

Asked on January 11, 2020

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