Mentorship request:
Healthcare Startup Tech Needs Mentor to Launch as Big Brand


Medslat is envisioned and developed as an online platform that network healthcare providers like doctors, pharmacies, nurses, labs, diagnostic centres, blood bank, ambulance services, hospitals, HMOs for African markets. A lot has gone into design and development of this innovative application. We have successfully transfer the idea to prototype, demo and working system now.
The potential is huge and requires advisory on how to source for capital investors, handle partners with equity, human resources management and a whole lot more to do.
From how to launch Medslat as a big brand, calculate the break even stuff and per customer profit to the patent copyright.
These are our challenges so far.


We have been working on Medslat from idea to design and development stage which I consider phenomenal. Some qualified management team have been attracted with great experiences in medicine, pharmacy, nursing and banking. Developing this project, has been a big bite for me as a start-up and thus has necessitated my search for a seasoned mentor that has first-hand experience in helping start-up to raise funds.
I have team of developers trained that work with me till date. I wish to launch as soon as possible which I know would be a reality working with an ideal coach with laudable experience – a coach with a lot of start-up and fund raising experience is my dream.
This will help me address issues of legal standing and contractual agreements, funding and equity release, and early launching, amidst others.

Asked on June 15, 2018

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