Mentorship request:
Healthcare infrastructure as a service startup in Nigeria needs a mentor


At Doctoora, we are helping healthcare professionals start private practice by providing fully serviced medical facilities they can rent on a pay per use basis. We are having significant difficulty in reaching top level stakeholders in the healthcare industry as detailed below.

Most of the doctors/healthcare professionals within our addressable market do not have a strong client base and currently rely on Doctoora to provide access to revenue. Our approach to resolving this problem is to interface with the HMO’s/Health insurance companies such that the HMO’s/insurance’s enrollees can purchase services directly from the healthcare professionals.

Till date, we have used our personal networks to reach 2 out of 20 target HMO’s/insurance company management. However with the companies in which we lack internal contacts, we face significant bureaucracy advancing our proposals from the bottom up.


To this end, we need help in getting top level introductions to the management of these health insurance companies.

This will enable us close key deals with key stakeholders (e.g. Health insurance companies, NGO’s )

Asked on May 18, 2018

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