Mentorship request:
Growth in the #EdTech sector to empower the next generation of learners


1. closing deals. this has been a huge challenge seeing as most clients prefer free/inadequate solutions. increased the number of leaders engaged and also changed our sales strategy.
2. Lack of understanding of the value offered by the systems. most clients are reluctant to invest in learning management systems as they are yet to understand the value being presented. created value-based documents targeting a specific client.
3. lack of proper marketing experience. this has hindered us in packaging and showcasing the business in a way that appeals to clients. as such we have engaged a marketing firm to assist in content creation and strategy development to set us apart.
4. It has also been a challenge to manage the resources as the team doesn’t have a qualified accountant.


I would like a mentor who has a history in the following.
1. service sales: our offering is a learning management system targeting learning institution and we would like to be aided in new approaches to closing more sales
2. It would be great to define clearly the value-preposition and how to best present it so it captures clients attention
3. I would also enjoy learning how to best brand and market the business so it stands out and also what channels would be best to reach the desired audience.
4. Basic financial techniques to ensure the resources are managed right to aid in the growth of the business. also how to draw up a world-class financial statement fit for venture fundraising

Asked on June 10, 2020

Accepted Mentors:

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