Mentorship request:
Growth in poultry business


I package chicken and poultry products to distribute. Wound appreciate an enlightment on better and the various packaging methods that there are for poultry products.
The rubber packages I use for my chicken easily gets torn apart and this makes it more difficult and expensive to do business.


I need direction/education into the kind of materials to use for packaging chicken, guinea fowl, turkey and eggs that is cost effective for the start-up entrepreneur. This will help improve my business as products will be well presented with better packaging and this will greatly increase customer satisfaction.
Also, if not out of place, I need a lead to possible grants I can access to help me increase production to feed more customers from the current 1,000 birds per year to 20,000 birds per year. This funding, if obtained, will enable my business grow exponentially in the coming years.
Thank you.

Asked on August 7, 2019

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