Mentorship request:
Gaming and animation company looking for mentorship on sales/marketing


Our main challenge is getting our products to relevant markets i.e Broadcasters and investors. We at BantuVision have successfully produced a children’s television series (Zed the Zebra) and a multi-player online mobile card game (Afro Eights). We managed to sell Zed the Zebra to a local Broadcaster in Botswana (Ebotswana). Afro Eights currently has over 1800 Facebook followers. 1780 Instagram followers and 2000 users. We are currently developing another children’s series however we haven’t yet found a Broadcaster for it. We are looking for ways to fund the production and are looking at selling merchandise in order to raise funds for production. However they have not beard any fruit.


We request a mentor who could help us create a solid marketing strategy for our business. We would like together to think of innovative ways to raise funds for production. Introduce or expose us to investors that may be interested in our products. This would help solve our current and hopefully future challenges: production funds and adequate exposure to relevant markets.

Asked on February 6, 2020

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