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Games studio is looking for Mentor

SDK Games Lab is a subsidiary of SDK Africa (With offices in South Africa, Cameroon, Botswana). It aims to develop educational games and gamification which are in line with african culture (with possibility to expand to other continents), history and the use of innovative technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

To help us achieve this, and transform our project to an African success story, we’re looking for a Mentor who will help us to:

– Secure the investment;
– Work with us by putting in to place strategies and communications plans around our studio and released games;
– Help us develop a marketing plan to promote our games on different platform stores (google, apple, windows, Facebook).

We thank you for taking the time to go through this and look forward to discuss with interested parties.

Kind regards.

Asked on September 30, 2014

Accepted Mentors:

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