Mentorship request:
Founder seeking mentorship just to handle the challenges of management and growth


I am growing a solid waste management venture in a secondary city. We have faced numerous problems:
labour – collectors demanding more salary. We increased their salaries but put in place conditions that has to be met otherwise they would be docked pay. We are pretty steady at the money with collectors.
Customers – we have currently serving over 700 households and businesses. While this is a good number it is not enough to bring us to full profitability. We need to break over 1k to get there. We are well known in our city and are doing quality work. We have the staff we need to sign up the customers but its still a slow process. Maybe 30 – 60 per month instead of 90 – 120 we would like.
Operational – We are more than just a waste collection business, we intend to do waste processing and even selling our platform created to make our work easier. We believe this database service can be helpful to other waste ventures in the future.


I am seeking mentors that would be helpful in helping me manage growing and overcoming the challenges of my venture. Essentially Im seeking someone with who is ok with being a sounding board to help me work through problems.

Asked on July 31, 2018

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