Mentorship request:
Enjoy food? Enjoy tech? You’ll love helping us market Annona’s global trading platform.


Annona is an online global trading platform that provides verified accounts of farmers, exporters and importers from around that world who care about where and how their food is made. Annona is enabled in 30 countries for exporters, many in Africa.

Marketing to exporters, companies who are found in tight circles or offline associations, is not easily done on the web. We offer a *free* service to exporters, and want to tell as many of them as possible about the benefits of Annona, that others like them are using it and how it will change their business. Where to start?!


Our team at Annona is looking for an individual who has worked in global supply chains, preferably in fruits and vegetables, to help us market to exporters in Africa. It would be great if they have experience in digital marketing for such type of companies. We would also consider a mentor with a background in general business-to-business online marketing.

Is that you? If so, you can expect a fun, dedicated team to soak up all of your advice and support. We’re ready for you!

Asked on May 29, 2018

Accepted Mentors:

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