Mentorship request:
Egyptian data visualization software and service for scientists looking for marketing and sales expertise


We are taking our startup to the next step wherein the previous step, we validated the technology and market need. In the current step, we are targeting the determination of the market-product-fit and achieving growth with respect to client orders. We need mentorship on how to make effective meetings with potential clients. We are currently excellent and promoting the technical aspects of the service but we think we need a stronger way of promoting it from the business point of view especially for stakeholders who don’t have deep scientific knowledge.

Other problems besides marketing and sales:
Legal Affairs
Best methods for maintaining software copyrights
User experience


A mentor with experience in marketing and sales who can work with us one-to-one if possible to design effective market deals suitable for our business and current step need. We target international and local markets, so we benefit from a mentor who has international experience as well as relevant networks. This will help us to achieve our next step goal by increasing the number of deals and market outreach.

Other requests for mentorship besides marketing and sales:
– Developing future financial plans
– User service development and user experience
– Identifying the best legal methods in forms of contracts

Asked on August 25, 2020

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