Mentorship request:
Education services- funding and marketing strategy support


We have been providing our Montessori services since 1981 in Cairo under several entities, the Montessori Egyptian Center was established to create an official framework for our services, as well as set a basis for a variety of services that were not structurally provided before. New additions to courses and workshops, consultancy and family education, professional development, and online services were channeled in programs responding to a stable need manifesting over the years. Yet, in the recent decade, the educational courses scene, especially in the field of early childhood, has witnessed a surge creating a false sense of market saturation. Our internationally certified services, high quality staff, and long reputation have all been diluted in the jam, and put on par with the rest of what the market offers.
We have depended on our reputation and word-of-mouth for decades, our online marketing did not exceed announcements. For 5 years we have been trying to push marketing skills.


Setting a successful marketing strategy and program design has been the most challenging aspect of our work. Not only it is putting our business at risk, but it is also challenging our community service work, as in all our services there has always been a percentage for scholarships, funding, and free-of-charges registrations.

As we considered funding and investment options, we need support understanding the processes and skills required to achieve successful pitching.

Asked on August 8, 2020

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