Mentorship request:
E-learning platform for agricultural skills seeks mentorship on business growth strategy


Our goal at AgriCo is to bridge the skills gap in the agricultural industry with self-paced online classes. We have currently curated two classes designed to be project-based and many more in development. We are a small team of four that share similar goals and values, but we lack the experience in growing a business past early stage of development.


We seek mentorship and insights from industry experts to help us grow our startup past the early stage. We are looking to connect with potential partners from public and private organizations to curate and develop courses targeted at skills acquisition for youth and women in agriculture. We are hoping to find a mentor that will help us to leverage these partnerships.

We are open to new ideas, willing to change and adapt and work alongside our mentors to drive our business forward. Great mentorship is all we need right now; we are trusting to find mentors that are willing to share with us their wealth of experience.

Asked on March 19, 2020

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