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Digital Market Place for Agriculture inputs and Commodities


Sale of agro inputs and fertilizers is a seasonal business that hinders growth prospects unless the business explores diversification and change of business model. This problem of inconsistent sales trends makes cash-flow projection difficult and leads to inability to meet certain fixed costs like salaries and rentals


The challenge faced currently is business stagnation and in some cases liabilities. The following are steps taken:
1. Agric Network Limited recently engaged with a Donor( Financial sector deepening Zambia) to explore possibilities of setting up a virtual market place for agriculture inputs and commodities thus avoid tying money in stocks. This will allow the business to invest only in products ordered at a particular time. The company requires mentor-ship on setting up a successful virtual market place( Business/Revenue Model(s),skills and financing
2. Agric Network Limited has diversified to production of horticultural produce for sale to the local vendors and list produce on a virtual platform once its funded and launched.The company requires mentor expertise on production to market approach
3. Agric Network Limited requires a mentor to advise on strategic growth opportunities and prepare it to be investor ready and scale

Asked on June 9, 2020

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