Mentorship request:
Digital diagnostic care PaaS debuting in Nigeria seeks mentoring on leadership and ecosystem optimization for growth trajectory.


As a digital diagnostic platform that recently debuts operations in our service space here in Nigeria, one of the key challenges we are faced with are avenues to adequately tap into the ecosystem for optimization of existing systems and care providers, offering them our unique value proposition.
In addition, we desire a strong leadership guidance and mentoring particularly with regards to business management, as well as getting required skills in business development/marketing. We actually desire an experience hand in business operations/marketing management on our team. Hence we see this challenge as a blend of leadership coupled with the challenge of attracting and keeping world class talent, necessary to deliver on our business goal.


We seek mentoring on how best we can leverage on existing healthcare ecosystem and optimize same for desired business scaling. A successful plug-in to relevant players in the ecosystem is enough to help unlock our value goldmine. Help with identification of crucial lead or stakeholders and vital introductions and mentions to key players as well as guide on how to approach them will be very helpful to us.
In the same vein, on the job practical mentoring on leadership skills to deliver on business goal, and also guidance on how to seamlessly overcome the challenges of attracting needed talent in the aspect of business development/marketing expertise is crucial to us as we believe it will translate into overcoming other issues such as fundraising.

Asked on November 8, 2018

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