Mentorship request:
Crowd-funded commercial farm looking for a mentor to create a better management structure and team for scale


Currently operating on a 300 acres farmland in Oyo state, Smartfarm is a crowd-funded commercial farm adopting technology and precision agriculture to increase food production in Nigeria. We started operations last year and has successfully cultivated, sold and paid back investors with the promised ROI.

With our traction and successful cycle, customers had confidence to invest in our current project and we have been able to raise 20 million Naira within a week of launching the platform in February.

One major challenge we face right now is how to organize the business for optimum performance.


Our next milestone is to expand our operations to 1000 acres by the year 2020 and there is a need to put a business structure in place so we can scale successfully.

We hereby request for a mentor who will guide us:
In creating an organization structure

On how we can run an organization that operates in more than one location

How to determine roles and find the right people.

Asked on March 9, 2019

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