Mentorship request:
Commercial Plantain Farming and Processing within farming region ,


We ventured into the Plantain world as Farm Gate Agent to Plantain farmers around Owan west Sabongida Ora Edo State by buying direct from farm before hauling out to Major markets in Lagos (mile 12 ,Idioro and more ) and Abuja (Zuba) . Our desire being the source of our hauled produce came to existence 4 yrs back . Our mission is (Bridging the Gap between Farm and Consumers) . Rrafarms handles our farms while YesPFoods handles our processed chips which could be graded under the regular Plantain chips your see on the streets of major cities in Nigeria , we have access to cheap plantain , our farms harvest and affordable factory workers but in all the set up w e never expected logistics to be our greatest challenge.
Not owning our own means of hauling fresh and processed plantain to Major city market is a huge hill to climb , Presently we run operations and Administration on sales . We have temporary relocated factory to Lagos to meet up demands but we still find logistics coming at us


We Need support on owning and controlling our logistics for interstate while we need mini van for city delivery .
Having a means of haulage would eliminate produce needed for processing and supply to area Markets ,Being able cutting off Major City markets would be a game changer in the plantain monopoly in Nigeria and at the end create huge jobs for prospective Supply agents .

We are plantain farm Gate agents who learnt the rules of Plantain business the hard way with little or rather no support from any Mentor or Guidance , We have lost and gained in the Plantain world before fully venturing into the plantain production as Farmers and processing world . Running a mini factory and at the same time trying to keep farm operations up is quit tasking but very much achievable in Nigeria if the needed support both mentally and financially is planted which could only yield success .

Asked on July 23, 2018

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