Mentorship request:
Cocoa Trading Platform requesting for a mentor to assist in raising funds for working capital and expansion


We are facing lack of funds to setup standard offices and operational base across Africa and funds for working capital and to promote the venture which will create awareness for the company.
We have been able to create an online presence but due to non availability of operational base must clients don’t want to work with us stressing the issue of trust. we are still crating awareness of social media like Facebook,website and Instagram handle to give the company and our brand a face lift.


We need mentors that can help us with the right steps and processes on how to attract funders and partners to our business.
With the right funding and partnership we belive we can:-
A. Set up office across Nigeria and other Africa countries we intend to operate.
B. Employ more staffs and buy all our operational equipment’s.
C. Build a world class application that will allow potential clients across the globe to access our business.
D. Promote and create awareness about our business.
E. Give the company a reputable brand name for more sales.

Asked on July 26, 2019

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