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Co-Founder Wanted


Co- Founder
We are looking for team members who will help us scale and build critical mass for our business. This role requires an experienced individual with a proven record and passion to solve problems. Entrepreneurial drive is a must.
• Marketing founder. Someone with the requisite skills in marketing and sales.
• Tech founder. This person understands web development and operations.
• Business founder. This individual understands strategy, finance, and operations.
• Expansion expert (Africa) This person has all the connections, suppliers, and subject matter expertise in the expansion target market.
The Co- Founders
1. Technical ( Software)
2. Sales( Hard- Core Sales) _ Enterprise and SME
3. PR and Marketing with a Strong back ground in Digital Marketing


Being a startup, we know the hustle behind the scenes and we see our co-founder as people who have:
• previously worked with early stage startups.
• Strong knowledge of analytical tools and close follower of current trends.
• Impressive track record in the key business functional area
If this sounds like you, we would love to meet up and take this forward.
Our Product:
This is an equity /revenue share paid position. You must be in a financial position to work for equity.

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Asked on April 5, 2018

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