Mentorship request:
Cereus Edtech Ltd, an Educational technology service provider needs mentors to guide its activities.


Cereus Edtech Ltd is a new startup that provide ICT laboratory setup, teaching services and teaching and learning aids application to schools. I have problem of getting together a founding team and I face challenges in securing startup funding even though the business concept, business plan and strategies have been well prepared.


I need an experienced mentor in both Education and ICT fields to guide and assist in the startup process of the company. The Edtech industry is rapidly growing with enormous opportunities and Africa should not be left behind in this trend.

Cereus Edtech provides a unique application that assist teachers and learners in their respective activities. In addition to this, it provides Laboratory setup and teaching services to schools lacking adequate ICT infrastructure and skills to bridge the digital divide prevalent in schools across Africa.

Asked on October 19, 2017

Accepted Mentors:

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