Mentorship request:
Online estate planning platform looking for growth mentor

Problem is a WSA award winning online estate planning platform that helps subscribers to write their wills in 10 – 15 mins anytime, anyway. We have transformed the traditional ways of writing wills to a more friendly, secure and affordable way encapsulating both online and offline processes to deliver value to our customers. We are a digital white knight for preserving the legacies of our subscribers for their loved ones when the untimely expected happens.

We are currently working on:

1. Market traction
2. Product awareness
3. Location
4. Funding
5. Appropriate Staffing Mix


With our mentor we would like to work on the following items:

1. Revalidation of our business model
2. Product packaging
3. Marketing to uniquely distinguished Carrot from the powerful competitors coming into the space:
4. Transitioning the platform to Blockchain technology.
5. Strategic Partnership options

Asked on March 22, 2019

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