Mentorship request:
Capital Strategy • diagnose the optimal source role for capital over the next three years


Our speed of attracting capital does not match our needs for growth. While our capital objectives are modest, and many investors have been engaged and expressed interest, two barriers are getting in the way…

The Market Potential of Africa – Large amounts of analysis and data have not been enough to get people comfortable with the region.

The Talent Industry – Most investors feel more comfortable with Finance, Healthcare, or Agricultural business, and are uncertain about talent businesses. Except for businesses that are already present in emerging economies such as job boards or low-skill digital outsourcing.


We have large customers and large numbers of customers waiting for new features. Many of the needs and goals among companies are shared. Our goal is to finance the development of those features as well as growth over the next 3-5 years. We’d like support to develop various models for attracting and structuring capital flow over this period. And support in actually making and closing offers for the deal structures we come up with (if they occur during the mentorship period).

Asked on April 11, 2019

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