Mentorship request:
Business Mentor with experience in building Technology Products, Seed Funding and Customer Acquisition


I am currently seating with a concept idea with no PoC/ Prototype for the product. I am trying to move forward to a stage where I can build the product (prototype to MVP) however to due to limited knowledge and resources, I am unable to move forward. Thats a problem I wish to overcome. Enrol is an edTech company.


I am seeking a business mentor who can assist and suggest ways in which I can overcome the problem to a stage where by end of month of August 2021 – we can have a Prototype/ MVP that can be piloted.

As of this stage, it will also be helpful to have someone who will also be able to advise me whilst developing the product, and share insights and strategies on customer acquisition, partnerships that can be looked at and aid in strategies that can scale the business.

Asked on February 4, 2021

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