Mentorship request:
Business Growth Hacks. DriversNG is a On-demand Drivers & Mobility Solutions for Africa.


Lack of influential business partners: We would like to be mentored on how we can build connections with influential business partners for possible strategic partnerships.


1. Partnership with more business: our aim is to meet up with top Business Partners; having up to 100 large scale drivers-using business partners would quickly take the job opportunities from 200 to about 5000 monthly generated.
2. Service Quality: Currently, we are working with meager available resources which can not deliver the kind of service that would keep a customer for a long period of time. Hence, from feedbacks we have, adequate resource would provide and create the most comfortable conditions (i.e. adequate welfare plans, quality presentation, smart devices and peripherals to aid job) for drivers on our platform to deliver a good service, while customers/clients/employers would need a complete automated system (a system where client/employer is properly guided to rate drivers, report drivers, get complains solved real-time, pay rates to DriversNG app and it wages gets credited to driver’s account in real-time, tracking and so on can be enjoyed by the employer).

Asked on March 29, 2019

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