Mentorship request:
Business Expansion Mentorship and Financial Investment needed for a Rehabilitation Centre in Gaborone Botswana


There is an increasing need for a rehabilition centre in Botswana-currently there is none other than us. With mental health, neurocognitive, alcohol and substance abuse, crime, GBV cases being on the rise there is a need to have a health facility providing treatment both to the public and different economic sectors such as workplaces. We have approached Ministry of Health and Wellness which gave us a permission to set up and operate a rehabilitation centre hence we need financial investment in spearheading this. We have approached different financial institutions (both private and governmental) who were ready to give us land if we have financial security and investors committed to put the land to utilization. We therefore need financial investors in this regard.


We would need financial investment, product enhancement and strategic marketing, we would also need business development mentorship and financial advisors to keep our finances in check and growth for further investment and expansion. This will ensure we are fully competent in the market as the only rehabilitation centre in Botswana with equipment, personnel, location and service delivery best suited for a rehabilitation centre. In this way we also become regionally if not internationally market-able.

Asked on June 23, 2020

Accepted Mentors:

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