Mentorship request:
Business Development in Medical Device and Equipment Distribution,Innovation and Manufacturing


A)Availing high quality medical products while remaining affordable to the various healthcare institutions. This we are addressing by sourcing for locally manufactured goods and looking to venture/increase our manufacturing through outsourcing of plants and 3-D printing.
B)Inability to import goods in bulk quantities to enjoy wholesale discounts and therefore offer best prices to the market. This we believe we can address by securing investor funds.
C)Establishing a progressive company culture- This we seek to address by increasing our management team and establishing a human resource department
D)Establishing and training an effective sales and marketing team able to close deals- We are looking to outsource sales trainers to effectively train our medical sales representatives.


A)We would require a mentor to guide on an effective business model and improve our current business model by identifying areas of weaknesses and focusing on our strengths.
B)We require a mentor that can guide on most effective methods of fundraising for expansion and growth of the business.
C)We require advise on establishing an effective marketing and sales campaign to increase our sales revenues
D)We would require advice on establishing a wonderful inclusive company culture that produces effective,productive and satisfied employees.
E) We would require a mentor that can guide us on methods of conducting a widespread market analysis and breakdown.

Asked on September 6, 2020

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