Mentorship request:
Zambian social enterprise established to improve safe births looking for business development mentor


The problem we face is in the business model and creating one that will on-board pregnant women in rural communities on our platform and this will be crucial for customer adoption as we will require huge volumes of customers for SafePay to make business sense.
In addition, a we have faced social problems of language barrier and financial literacy where it was initially difficult to communicate with pregnant women in rural low-income communities as they spoke several local languages. Also, the common mediums pregnant women had access to capital where through ‘chilimbas’ which are local savings groups as well as through ‘kalobas’ who are local loan sharks.
Some of the steps we’ve taken are to train our Traditional Birth Attendant’s (TBAs) in mobile in mobile products and services so that they may on-board pregnant women onto our platform as overcoming these barriers will be crucial to providing a solution that will provide women with access to affordable healthcare.


We will require a mentor with specialty in mobile products and services as well as one who understands business development so as to ensure that we have great customer adoption. We would also need a mentor will a background in data analytics as we will collect data and use it to improve the incomes of pregnant women in rural communities across the board.
In addition, our mentor also has to understand the insurance industry and how we can properly apply it to our business as it is a key part of our value proposition and will enable us to have a successful pilot.

Asked on February 15, 2020

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